Culture Project Mixtape

FILA’s collaboration with NBNW was born out of a desire to re-interpret ancient practices of textile design, while bringing together their worlds mashing up modern Indian and global street culture. 

“We admire storytellers, in whatever form the story is being told, as long it initiates real feelings in a visual style that we are into. All the artists & collaborators in this zine, visually and or conceptually speak to us and make us feel all types of ways. There are a lot more amazing Indian artists that we wanted to work with on this, but the page numbers were limited. We had to work backwards on this, within the themes we set out to celebrate and see who’s work could really help create a vibe. We wanted to bring in some of our favourite sounds & songs too, hence the link to the wicked mixtape created with MadStarBase. We wanted to hit all the angles of what we think makes up culture!” explains NBNW.